5 Beautiful Native Butterflies of Costa Rica

5 Beautiful Native Butterflies of Costa Rica

Butterflies are everywhere in Costa Rica. In fact, Costa Rica’s butterfly species make up around 90% of Central America’s butterfly population. The diverse landscape of this island brings about a beautiful array of wildlife, and below we list a few of the unique and colorful native butterflies of Costa Rica.

Native Butterflies of Costa Rica

1. Blue Morpho Butterfly

Probably the most famous and recognizable butterfly in Costa Rica is the Blue Morpho Butterfly. One of the largest in the world, its wingspan can sometimes get up to 20 centimeters long. If you’re intrigued by the vibrant blue hue, it’s actually an optical illusion. The iridescent blue color comes from the numerous microscopic scales found on the backs of their wings, reflecting the light around them. You’ll want to catch sight of this butterfly during your stay.

2. Owl Butterfly

The largest butterfly in all of Costa Rica, the Owl Butterfly is typically around 20 centimeters long. They’re quite difficult to spot because of their unique wing pattern. The giant spots on its wings resemble owl eyes, and ironically, they’re also a nocturnal species. Catching sight of this one is a unique experience, and one that you have a higher chance of in Costa Rica.

3. Glasswing Butterfly

Another difficult species to see, Glasswing butterflies are unique for their transparent wings. There are 64 different kinds of Glasswing butterflies, but they all share similar wings. They lack the tiny scales that give other butterflies their colors, giving them their unique structure. They’re a beautiful species to see on your endeavors into nature.

4. Pink-Spotted Cattleheart Butterfly

This butterfly is known for its unique pink spots. The major part of the wing is black and the hindwing has a blue-green metallic sheen. The pink spots, which give this dazzling creature its name, are typically found on the edges of the hindwing. They’re quite common to the country and make for a gorgeous site in nature.

5. Tiger Clearwing Butterfly

Tiger Clearwing butterflies are well known for their chrome cocoons and are beautiful creatures to behold. After emerging, the butterflies sport the famous tiger stripe design on each wing, which helps these beauties blend with nature. They’re quite small, so you might have a bit of trouble finding them.

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