Benefits to Retiring in Los Sueños & Tips for Moving

Benefits to Retiring in Los Sueños & Tips for Moving

Costa Rica offers some of the most breathtaking natural environments in the world. From active volcanoes to the beautiful calm ocean, the country boasts an atmosphere that few others can call their own. Luxury living in Costa Rica is obtainable because of places like Los Sueños. The resort has everything you could ever want in a country that has everything you could ever need.

According to the Retirement Confidence Survey, “Twenty-one percent of workers say they plan to retire between the ages of 60–64.” Thankfully, because of Los Sueños, you can retire in a place that has all the incredible benefits of retiring in Costa Rica with some additional advantages. In this blog, we discuss the various benefits of retiring to the beautiful area of Los Sueños and we include some important tips if you decide to do so.

Benefits to Retiring in Los Sueños

1. Numerous Natural Wonders

Like previously stated, Costa Rica is home to countless beautiful natural wonders. Los Sueños takes full advantage of that beauty and sets you in the middle of the glory of nature. Right on the ocean, you can take in the clear waters brimming with scores of fish. If you want a different experience, you can explore forests or go horseback riding. Maybe you just want to step outside and take in the great weather. Whatever it is, Los Sueños is teeming with natural beauty.

Science shows how important it is to get outside, especially as you get older. Taking in that breath of fresh air has never been so easy. Rest in the pool, take a boat out fishing, or walk along the beach—whatever you choose to do, your body will be happy to have fresh, clean air right outside.

2. Good Weather

Los Sueños consistently has wonderful weather for you to enjoy. Imagine having summer vacation all year long—that’s what it’s like with the tropical climate and nonexistent winter. Temperatures on average are around the mid-80s and cool off to around the 70s at night. The green season—May to September—is quite rainy, though. It doesn’t typically rain all day long, with bright sunny mornings, afternoon showers, cooler evenings, and rain overnight. Regardless, there are plenty of ways you can spend your time.

3. Supportive Community

If you choose to retire in Los Sueños, you also choose to live in a supportive and enchanting community. There are plenty of others here who have also chosen to spend their life relaxing in luxury. Better yet, the people who work in the resort become a part of your family as well.

As you get your morning coffee and bagel from Dolce Vita, you can sit on the patio and chat with neighbors—a collection of great people who will quickly become your friends. Costa Rica, in general, has a very friendly and supportive culture. .

4. Wonderful Medical Care

Costa Rica also has very affordable health care, about 1/3 to 1/5 of what people pay in the United States. You’re never far from wonderful health care and medical establishments. Los Sueños has its own 24-hour medical clinic on site, with a pharmacy and full-time pharmacist. If necessary, the clinic will coordinate ambulance and helicopter transfers to full-service private hospitals in San Jose. Apart from that, the clinic has several specialists that visit regularly—a nutritionist, a dermatologist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and a psychologist are just a few that come regularly.

5. Relax Your Mind and Soul

Not only does the resort offer great medical care, but it also provides many ways to engage in some self-indulgence. If you relax best at a spa, there is a full-service spa that gets down to the core of your stress and leaves you refreshed and cleansed. Los Sueños offers you a place removed from the stressors of the outside world. Yes, you’ll live in Costa Rica, but Los Sueños offers you a dream world full of everything you need to relax your mind, body, and soul.

6. Luxurious Amenities

If you choose to retire here, Los Sueños has numerous amenities that will satisfy your every need. If you love golf, there is a state-of-the-art 18-hole golf course designed by Ted Robinson, Jr. You’ll play through the rainforest, so you’re guaranteed beautiful views and plenty of wildlife viewing. There’s a private beach club so you can enjoy a sense of community, with fantastic poolside dining, a swim up bar, family games and activities, and more. You’ll find more descriptions and other amenities listed here.

Probably one of the biggest benefits to retiring in Los Sueños is the VIP Homeowner loyalty program. A VIP card will provide a wide range of discounts on services, dining, green fees, and shopping. You won’t find this at many other places, especially as breathtaking as Los Sueños.

7. Ocean-View Properties

Want to wake up to a mesmerizing ocean view each morning? When you decide to retire and live in Los Sueños, you’re sure to wake up with a perfect view right outside. Why is this important? When you’re so close to nature and a beautiful sight like the ocean every day, you’re sure to be happier. Stress levels will reduce, happiness will rise, and you’ll spend each day in a vacation state of mind.

Tips for Retiring in Los Sueños

  • There are various types of residency options available for retirees, each with their own financial requirements. Be sure to look into each of them.
  • Talk to your own tax attorney and a tax attorney in Costa Rica to help you figure out how paying taxes to both countries will work.
  • Decide sooner rather than later whether you will purchase new items in the country or ship from your home. Shipping really isn’t necessary, as you can find everything you need in country.

If you decide to move to Costa Rica, do yourself a favor and move to Los Sueños. What’s ours is yours, and our home will be your home. Beautiful sunsets year round, calm waters, and a supportive community can all be yours. There are plenty of real estate villas, condominiums, and lots for sale in Costa Rica that will be perfect for your lifestyle. Talk to one of our real estate agents now!

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